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    Posted on by Abii Dowdy

    Here at Towcester Vets, we understand that the costs of veterinary care for your pet can be unexpected.

    To help you during an already difficult time our team members, Debbie and Alison, are dedicated to processing insurance claims on your behalf. This ensures that your pet receives the best veterinary care and reduces stress for you at an already stressful time.

    Our administration team aims to have each individual claim processed and submitted to your insurance provider within 14 working days of receiving the form. If there are any issues, either Debbie or Alison will contact you to discuss. If within 21 working days you haven’t received any form of confirmation from your insurance company, please give them a call to check the status of your claim.

    If your pet is insured and you’d like to make a claim to cover the costs of veterinary treatment, please take a look at the points below.


    • Insurance claim forms can usually be downloaded from your chosen provider’s website or can be posted to you once you’ve notified your provider that you want to start a claim. You must request this as the policyholder as we can’t start claims with your insurance provider on your behalf.
    • You must complete the sections including your personal information, your pet’s details, the initial reason for claiming (if you are unsure of the diagnosis, just make a note of the clinical signs) and the date that clinical signs were first noticed. If you aren’t sure when the signs started, give us a call and we can help by going through the clinical history for your pet. We are not allowed to fill these sections in on your behalf.
    • Make sure you indicate whether this is a new condition or a continuation of a previous condition; this is usually done by ticking the appropriate option on the claim form, this can vary from company to company.
    • Always remember to include your policy number. This is essential for processing the claim. This number can usually be found on correspondence from your insurance provider.
    • Please ensure that you sign any claim forms you are submitting to us. We cannot accept or process any forms unless they are signed by the policyholder.
    • Always remember to tick the option of how payment will be made. You can opt to be paid directly from your insurance company or you can choose to have them pay us directly with prior approval from the veterinary practice. You are liable for the payment of your insurance excess and any deductions made by your insurance company.
    • If your pet has come to us via a surgical referral or second opinion, please make sure you fill in the details of all other practices where your pet has been seen. This will speed up the claim process.


    Once all of this has been completed and we have received the form, we will then submit it with the relevant invoices and the clinical history. You should then receive correspondence from your insurance company on their decision; this can be done via post, email, phone or text message. Your provider will send you details on how much of the claim they can help you with and what you will need to pay (excess, uncovered items, any amount above your claim limit).


    Useful tips

    • Please note, some insurance companies are happy to process pre-authorisation claims so that you have the peace of mind your insurance claim will be accepted. This is particularly helpful if surgery is the best treatment option for your pet. Our insurance team can help advise you on pre-authorisation claims so please call the practice.
    • It is worth noting that before you take out your insurance policy make sure you read the small print as this will inform you of any uninsured activities.
    • It may be worth contacting us to request a clinical history for your pet that you can then forward to a potential insurance company to determine any previous conditions that may be excluded from a policy.
    • Please be aware that if you change policy between different insurers or even if you choose to remain with the same company but choose a different policy, any previous conditions may be excluded.
    • Please remember that each policy is different and it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company with any queries about this.
    • All insurance companies have an inception period as to when cover will start. Don’t always assume that you have immediate cover.

    If you have any questions about your pet’s treatment and would like to discuss part of the claiming process, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01327 350239 and choose the appropriate option.